Challenge yourself – your friends and your co-workers – to pick at least one day during May to use a clean commute mode – bike, walk, carpool, or public transit (aka…bus).  Mix and match modes to see what best fits your schedule.

 to register your commute Pledge as an individual or as a business/organization.

You and Your Business/Organization Could Win
Individuals – Any Pledge participant will be entered to win one of our many prizes – bicycle gear, gas cards, gift certificates, bus passes, Amtrak Train tickets.
Businesses/Organizations – Which of our area businesses/organizations will be named the Greater Lynchburg Area Cleanest Commuters?  We have different categories depending on employees/members in organization.  

Lots of Ways to Participate in the Clean Commute Challenge!
Live too far to bike or walk or outside a location served by public transit?  No problem, use one of the ”Park & Ride” locations to park your car and then bike, walk, or take transit to work.  

Want detailed information on commuting options in Region 2000?  Register with RIDE Solutions, for free assistance looking for commuting options to meet your unique commuting needs…in May and year round.   

Want to learn about bicycle commuting?  Use our Bicycling Resources information for route and safety information.  Come to the May 2nd On-Road Bicycle Safety Class – go to Bike Events for details on this class and more bicycling activities in May.  

Public Transit -
The Greater Lynchburg Transit Company (GLTC) offers convenient routes to serve the entire City of Lynchburg and portions of Amherst, Bedford, and Campbell counties.  Altavista Community Tranist Service (ACTS) provides bus service within the Town of Altavista. 

Biking – Biking to work provides a healthy physical outlet and clean, inexpensive means to access work.  Consider using local streets in combination with local trails to access work or, combine your trip with public transit.  Live a long way, put your bike in the car and use one of the “Park & Ride” lots.  
Go to Bicycling Resources for bicycle commuting information. 

Walking – A great way to get your body and mind sharp and ready for a day at work.  If you can’t walk the entire way to work – maybe you can walk to a local bus stop, your co-workers house, or drive to one of our “Park & Ride” locations to have your morning walk.

Carpooling – A great way to save gas, miles on your car, expand parking at or around your place of work, and have a friendly chat with co-worker or friend that works in similar location.   You drive today and I’ll drive tomorrow – a win, win for everyone.  RIDE Solutions, a free commuter information service, can help you find carpool options or assist in developing programs at your place of work.  Go to RIDE Solutions to learn about this new program in Region 2000 and register for the many free services offered.